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잠자는 마탑의 황자님을 깨워버렸다?
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A 10-year office worker who couldn’t stand not working, that was my life.

But one day, I possessed a Mage who was an extra in the novel, <Sleeping Prince Of The Magic Tower>!


My role was a low-level wizard who records and manages the condition of the Prince, who was cursed by a warlock and has fallen asleep forever.

Eventually, the prince was going to wake up from the curse with a kiss from the female protagonist of the novel, the Saintess, and defeat a group of warlocks.


Waiting for the day to see the scene, I planned my retirement step by step.

Besides, shouldn’t I also do my job properly?


I checked hard every day to see if the dazzling Prince’s handsomeness was safe,

Making friends with the sleeping Prince and telling him stories about the world for a couple of months.


But one day, a sudden incident woke the Prince up? No, how did it happen without the Saintess?

Furthermore, this Prince was not looking for the Saintess, but was starting to cling to me?


“I think you liked Protea flowers, so I’m thinking about planting Protea flowers in the Prince’s palace.”

Even if I said I liked it, you overturned the whole garden to plant vague flowers,


“I’ll try harder, so that you can have faith in me.”

He kept craving for my attention and affection like a puppy.


No, you can just guarantee my comfortable retirement, right?

Edel’s days of anguish never ends.


<Did I wake up the sleeping Prince of the Magic Tower?>