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Laura was facing financial difficulties due to her stingy parents and four younger siblings. Her worries intensified when a typhoon blew away the roof of their old mansion. However, her luck seemed to turn when she learned that the duke’s mansion was hiring.

The duke, the owner of the mansion, was a well-dressed man who seemed to have obsessive-compulsive tendencies. He was also quite handsome, but the dark circles under his eyes conveyed the impression that he was fatigued…… Huh? Excuse me…

There seems to be a ghost behind you!

The Covozhalden Mansion was known to be haunted, but the job offer was too good to pass up. Despite her fear, Laura decided to take the job and improve her livelihood.

So she began working there, running around every night to help the various ghosts that she encounters cross over to the afterlife, such as the little girl running down the hallways, the painting that keeps tilting, and more. She is the only one who can see the ghosts along with the duke, who works just as hard to help them cross over.


I blinked my eyes several times. I even leaned my head forward, trying to get a better look. However, the girl remained in my sight and didn’t disappear. After a brief moment of hesitation, I carefully extended my hand above her head and slowly brought it down.

It was supposed to be a gesture to pat her head, but I couldn’t touch it. My hand went straight through her head.

“Sister, that’s my cerebral cortex there, you know?”